Stokely Discs Pre-Production Prototype Thermo Cardinal 175+g WHITE

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Stokely Discs Pre-Production Prototype Thermo Cardinal

Stokely Discs Pre-Production Prototype Thermo Cardinal

Our first mid-range is slightly overstable early in the flight with a strong fade at the end preventing approaches and short drives from flying to far past the target. This disc will fight to maintain its angle, even in strong headwinds.

Flight #'s: 5 / 4 / 0 / 2.5

  • Production Run: Pre-Production Prototype
  • Disc Color: WHITE | Hotstamp: BLACK | Disc Weight: 176-180g

Thermo plastic - This is our highest end plastic using the best polymers in golf disc technology. It's very grippable, even when wet. It has great "plastic memory" meaning when it hits a tree, it recovers to its original shape leaving very consistent flight characteristics.

More Information
Department Disc Golf
Department Subset Disc Golf Disc
Manufacturer Stokely Discs
Plastic - STOKELY Thermo
Disc Variant None
Disc Model - STOKELY Cardinal
Sponsored Player None
Disc Type Mid-Range
Flight Stability Overstable
Disc Specialty None
Skill Level Beginner & Up
Flight Rating: Stability Not Specified
Flight Rating: Speed [5]
Flight Rating: Glide [4]
Flight Rating: Turn [0]
Flight Rating: Fade [2.5]
Production Run Prototype
Disc Color White
Disc Weight 175g
Disc Weight Class 170 Class
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